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Due to circumstances beyond our control, our season opener GASLIGHT has been postponed. The show will open September 26, and run the 27th, 28th, October 3 and 4. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience to our patrons. Call the theatre at 654-2555 if you have any questions.

GASLIGHT by Patrick Hamilton

p>Auditions for Gold Dust
Showcase Theatre is very proud to announce auditions for Gold DustJune 14 & 15 at 7:30!

Set in a saloon in a western mining camp in the 1850's, Gold Dust is a very loose adaptation of Moliere's The Miser. The story concerns the retelling of the story of a prospector, Jebediah Harp, who has hit it rich and hoards his gold dust (which tastes like fried chicken) in a jar buried in his garden, his son Cliff and daughter Suzanne. A funny romp through misadventures and crossed purposes where father and son both court the schoolmarm, Mary Ann, and everyone tries to hoodwink Harp out of his stashed gold and daughter. The narrator Spinner, the sheriff, the cook, a Mexican landowner and several cameos with outrageous accents fill out the bill. The music is a lively combination of many genres: western, blues, folk, and more).

Director Carl Seiple is looking for actors to fill the following roles: Jebediah Harp: a rich but miserly prospector, Cliff Harp: Jebediah's son, Suzanne Harp: Jebediah's daughter, Diamond Lil: Saloon owner, Jim Don: Suzanne's beloved, Mary Ann: the schoolmarm courted by Jebediah and Cliff, Spinner: Narrator, Cookie: The Cook, The Sheriff: The Sheriff, Brew: a drunk, LaFleche: a french ranch hand, Senor Alvarez: mexican landowner (Roles may be doubled/tripled) Performance dates Sept. 9, 10 & 11, 16, 17, 18, & 19. Showcase Theatre opens its 40th Anniversary season with Patrick Hamiltonís Gaslight. Set in late 19th century London and combining all the necessary elements of suspense, Gaslight is the story of the lovely and tortured Bella Manningham (Dawn Winarski), who is trapped in a house where a theft and a murder were committed 10 years ago. When her suave elegant husband (Paul Winarski) doubts her competence, she begins to question her own sanity each evening as the gaslight dims. With the appearance of the kind-hearted and fatherly Detective Rough (Art Walsh), the mystery of the house and its dark past are revealed and the audience will delight in the solution of both the theft and the murder! Rounding out the cast are Barbara L. Janick as Lizzy and Renee Maxwell as Nancy.

The New York Times said of Gaslight: ''...infinite craft and dexterity...Comes off the top of the theatres' top shelf." A Broadway hit starring Vincent Price and Judith Evelyn, Gaslight (also known as Angel Street) was first produced in London and was filmed twice, first in Britain and then as a Hollywood film, starring Charles Boyer, Ingrid Bergman, and a young Angela Lansbury as Nancy. The production is under the direction of Paul Winarski, and runs Sept. 26, 27, 28, Oct. 3 and 4. The Friday and Saturday shows will start at 8pm, and the Sunday the 28th show will begin at 2pm.

Tickets are $ 12.00, call the box office at 654-2555 for reservations.