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Charter and by laws NAME The oranization shall be called The Showcase Theater II PURPOSE Its purpose is the promotion & production of all phases of a community centered volunteer theater, professional in quality, but non-profit in organization; dedicated to the joy of effective satge presentation; providing training for directors, actors, and technical crews; offering an outlet for writers and composers; governed according to the expressed will of the group, and by the acceptance of its work by the public. Membership is open to all of legal age who demonstrate their willingness tot he discipline of group dramatic effort, & to work unselfishly for the welfare of the group & its projects. III OFFICES and MEETINGS. Officers, consisting of President, Vice-president, Secretary, and Treasurer; along wit the chairman of the membership, public relations, production, & play-reading committees; ahsll be chosen at an annual meeting to be held in May. At said annual meeting, the President shall appoint a chairman, and the membership shall elect from the floor two additional members of a nominating committee whose slate of officers shall be submitted to the membership at least two weeks in advance of the next annual meeting. Additional nominations for officers will be received from the floor. Election shall be by ballot. Successful candidates must receive over 50% of the ballots. Repeat balloting will eliminate the candidate(s) receiving the lowest vote until a majority poll has been cast. Elections are for one year with only 2 consecutive terms allowed for a candidate in any office. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees. The four officers and four committee chairmen shall constitute an executive committee to act for the membership in calling special meetings, in obtaining directors for each show, and in transacting any necessary business between meetings. Regular meetings shall be held every three months. Several copies of minutes shall be provided within one week to the officers and at least one copy shall be available for perusal by any member. By-laws may be changed at any meeting by a two-thirds vote of those members present, provided notification of such proposed change is made known to the membership two weeks in advance of the meeting. Fifty percent of the active membership shall constitute a quorom, Roberts Rules of Order shall guide parliamentary procedure. IV MEMBERSHIPS Organizing members shall constitute the voting membership until the first annual meeting, at which time all provisional members may become active, voting members as the membership committee shall propose and the group shall vote. Provisional members may be accepted at any regular meeting after proposal by two active members who shall act as sponsors, & after the membership committee has approved the application. After at least one year of provisional membership, and upon the recommendation of the membership committee, the applicant may become ac active member by a two-thirds balot of the members present. Removal for cause from either provisional or active membership shall be on recommendation of the membership committee, approved by a two-thirds ballot of the members present, after a hearing before the membership committee & after two weeks notification of the membership that action will be taken to approve the recommendations of the membership committee. Organizing members have contributed a minimum of $10.00 each in the form of a loan to the organization. Provisional members will contribute $5.00 at the time they are accepted as provisional members. V COMMITTEES A) MEMBERSHIP committee shall consist of an elected chairman, and four others, two appointed by the chairman, two appointed by the President. 1)The membership committee shall examine and approve or disapprove all aplicants for membership; and shall 2) keep a file of all work performed by memebers, cast and crew, listings being specific by dates, shows, & actual amount of work performed. In addition to any on-stage roles; 3) each active member is expected each year to perform some substantial technical, promotional, or administrative function. 4) Any complaint about a member shall be in writing and directed to the membership committee. B) PUBLIC RELATIONS committee shall consist of an elected chairman & four others, two appointed by the chairman, two appointed by the President. This committee shall promote, publicize, & create for the organization, a general good feeling in the community. It shall originate and/or supervise all publicity. All members bear the responsibility of committee in promoting a proper public image. C) PRODUCTION committee shall consist of an elected chairman and four others, two appointed by the chairman, two appointed by the President, plus all directors of shows as soon as obtained. This committeeshall: 1)name a producer for each show, who shall appoint a stage manager, technical director, & the various committee chairman. He shall also submit a tentative budget for the show and account for all expenditures. Expenses beyond the tentative budget must be approved by the Production Committee. 2) The director shall have the final approval regarding casting, action, staging, props, and all technical aspects of the production. D) PLAY-READING committee shall consist of an elected chairman and four others, two appointed by the chairman, two appointed by the President. It shall attend and read plays. After consultation with the possible directors, it shall recommend selections for the next season at the annual meeting. The five voting members may be augmented by others as the chairman may direct.